The KFCRIS hosts three research programs (called "units" until October 2021):

Socioeconomics, African Studies, Asian Studies





In the past, the following research units and programs existed:

Yemen StudiesCultural StudiesContemporary Political Thought, Energy Studies, Political Economy, Security Studies, Saudi Studies, Iranian Studies, Arabic Language


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In addition to the research programs, the KFCRIS carries out various projects harnessing its research expertise and experience:

The Center established the UNESCO Chair in Translating Cultures in October 2023 with the support of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission. It will help to meet a growing need for interdisciplinary research in the Humanities and Sciences, inclusive and equitable education, and cultural diversity. 


KFCRIS in collaboration with the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) presents a series of podcasts informing listeners on the progress of Saudi Vision 2030.


This project examines global tourism policies and practices with the aim to provide ideas for Saudi tourism development.


During the period of its five-year strategic goals (2016-20), the KFCRIS ran a variety of projects aimed at knowledge exchange with Japanese academic, cultural, and diplomatic entities.


In 2020, the KFCRIS co-hosted T20 (Think20), one of the Engagement Groups of the Saudi G20 and the international network of research institutes and think-tanks, with the KAPSARC. 


In August 2019, the KFCRIS cooperated for the Souk Okaz International Prize for Arab Poetry, which was organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage for the 13th edition of the Souk Okaz Festival in Ta'if.



In May 2017, the KFCRIS hosted the Riyadh Forum on Countering Extremism and Fighting Terrorism under the sponsorship of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition.