Civil Protest Movement in Iraq Post 31 July 2015
Date: 2016-09-05

The 19th Masarat issue, published October 2015/Muharram 1437.


This study, looks at the civil protest movement in Iraq post July 31, 2015 from two angles: first, by analyzing the alliance of the three influential forces of the reform movement (the protesting masses, the religious authority of the Marja‘iyya led by Sistani, and Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi) and second, by examining the convergence of grassroots demands for actual change from policymakers.

The study, focuses on the structure of civil protests in Iraq, and the role of the young, educated middle class within the protest movement. It also emphasizes the major challenges of corruption and poor infrastructure confronting the protest movement, especially the resistance the movement faces from the Shiite political authority, as the protest movement débuted and evolved in Shiite areas and has led to intra-Shiite divisions over the idea of the state and its structure.

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