Previous Events

November 29, 2023
Panel Discussion: Legacy of the Polish Tatar Community
November 21, 2023
Panel Discussion: The Worlds of Islam in Asia: A Millennium of Historical Exchange
November 15, 2023
Workshop (invitation only): Human Capital Development in the Saudi Logistics Sector (jointly organized with Ministry of Investment)
October 26, 2023
Workshop (invitation only): Forced Displacement and the Role of State and Non-State Actors: Global Trends (jointly organized with United Nat
October 25, 2023
Online Panel Discussion: Poverty in Africa and Ways to Prevent It
October 8, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): Prospects of Cultural Diplomacy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
September 28, 2023
Panel discussion (invitation only): Al-Faisal Approach to Arabic Language Learning for Native Speakers (jointly organized with King Salman G
September 20, 2023
Public Lecture: Preserving the Legacies and Cultures of Native American Peoples (jointly organized with the U.S. Embassy)
September 19, 2023
Online Panel Discussion: Discussing the Political and Geostrategic Situation in West Africa
September 11, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): Domestic and Foreign Affairs Intertwined - German Foreign Policy in the Middle East and Implications for the Gul
September 4, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): International Mediation and Local Cultures: The Case of Arab Mediation Heritage (co-convened with Martti Ahtisaa
August 2, 2023
Panel Discussion: Books, Boxes, and Displays: Exploring Hidden Aspects of Paper Conservation
July 17, 2023
Online Lecture: Arabic Manuscripts in Mali
June 19, 2023
Online Panel Discussion: Attracting Talent in Riyadh: Key Opportunities for Enhanced Competitiveness
June 6, 2023
Online Discussion: Better Jobs Tomorrow: The Appeal and Increasing Relevance of Alternative Credentials in Saudi Arabia
May 28, 2023
Panel Discussion (Invitation Only): Next Steps for Sustainable Peace in Yemen (jointly organized with Berghof Foundation)
April 4, 2023
Online Lecture: Arabic Manuscripts in Guinea
March 1, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): Preserving the Arab Heritage in the Digital Age: Technical Barriers and Their Solutions
March 1, 2023
Public Lecture: Did the Arab just Transfer Knowledge? Arab Astronomy and the Influence on the European Renaissance
February 28, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): The Emergence and Development of Arab Scientific Thought: The Formation of Narratives and Histories