Previous Events

June 26, 2022
The Current Situation in the Horn of Africa in Light of Developments in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia” (jointly organized with Pharos Cente
June 22, 2022
The “Kitab al-Adwar" of Safi al-Din al-Urmawi: A Reception History
June 21, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: Vision 2030 and Its Effect on Attitudes and Opportunities: Certifications, Skills, and Lifelong Learning
June 19, 2022
Online Lecture: Towards a People-Centered Urbanity: Lessons from Riyadh
June 14, 2022
Panel Discussion (Invitation Only): The Impact of Vision 2030 on Outlook and Opportunities: Qualifications, Skills, and Lifelong Learning
June 7, 2022
Online Lecture: Japan as Savior of the Muslim World: Transnational Nationalism and Empire 1900-1945
May 23, 2022
Public Lecture: The Revival of Islamic Studies in Europe: Contemporary Trends (with Embassy of France)
April 25, 2022
Online Lecture: How China Escaped the Poverty Trap
April 20, 2022
Public Lecture: Mamluk Cairo: A Capital Under Construction
April 19, 2022
Online Lecture: Korean Workers in Saudi Arabia during the Cold War
April 18, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: Reconceptualizing the Role of Education in the Arab World
April 13, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Russia-Ukraine War: African Repercussions
April 6, 2022
Online Lecture: EU-China Relations at a Crossroads: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
April 4, 2022
An analysis and description of a rare Meccan manuscript of al-Qadi ʿIyad's "al-Shifa fi taʿrif huquq al-Mustafa" (on the rights of the Pro
March 23, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Yemen
March 15, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: China-Middle East Relations
March 9, 2022
Islam in Central Asia and the Caucasus since the end of the Soviet Union
March 6, 2022
Workshop (Invitation Only): Foreign and Security Policy in the framework of the German-Arab Gulf Dialogue on Security and Cooperation
February 23, 2022
Online Lecture: South Korea's Middle East Policy in the Reform Era of Gulf Monarchies
January 17, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Right to Asylum in International Refugee Law and Islamic Law: Theory and Practice (with REF-ARAB Project at Uni