KFCRIS Report on the Regional and International Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Edited by Saud Al-Sarhan & Mark C. Thompson


The KFCRIS weekly report on the regional and international impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) came at a critical time. In response to the spreading pandemic, governments enforced quarantines, curfews and "lockdowns" that impacted national economies and the lifestyles of millions of people. Hence, this weekly report interviewed a diverse range of individuals including policy makers, academics, and thinkers seeking their opinions on the impact of the pandemic as related to their areas of interest.


Number 8

June 1st , 2020

Number 7

May 17th , 2020

Number 6

May 11th , 2020

Number 5

May 4th , 2020

Number 4

April 27th , 2020

Number 3

April 20th , 2020

Number 2

April 13th , 2020

Number 1

April 5th , 2020