Photographs and Audiovisual Materials


Prince Faisal in Syria, on his father behalf Ibn Saud, to participate in celebrating the first anniversary of the French's evacuation. Next to him is his brother Prince Mansour , (14/5/1365 AH, 16/4/1946 A.D)

Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz on board the Royal Ship HMT, heading to Britain to attend the celebrations of Britain's victory in World War I.

(1337 A.H / 1919 A.D)

King Faisal inaugurating the weapon factory in Al-Kharj,  (1394 A.H / 1974 A.D)



Prince Faisal during his visit to USA in May 1945 A.D,  appearing with him are Prince Khalid bin Abdul Aziz and Plenipotentiary minister  Hafez Wahba

Prince Faisal, the King's Viceroy in Hejaz, Jeddah, (1350 A.H.-1931 A.D.) The People of the Eastern Province inaugurating the Faisal as king (1384 A.H. 1965 A.D.


King Faisal greets the Mauritanian crowd during his visit to Mauritania alongside the president of Mauritania , Moktar Ould Daddah,

(17/10/1392AH- 23/11/1972)

King Faisal during an official visit to Kuwait, welcomed by Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah Emir of Kuwait 11/1/1388 AH- 8/4/1968. Appearing in the image the leader of Saudi Arabian Royal Guard at the time lieutenant general Abdullah Al Bosily



Masses of Tunisians welcoming King Faisal during his visit to Tunisia

King Faisal performs Al- Ardah (folklore dance)

King Faisal oversees the washing of the holy Kaaba


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