Visiting Fellowship

The KFCRIS Visiting Fellowship Program was established in 1999/2000 with the aim to help facilitate research projects of professional and doctoral scholars from both inside and outside the Kingdom.


During the two decades until 2019, the KFCRIS accepted over 500 Visiting Fellows from more than 50 countries. These Visiting Fellows include prominent experts on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and the Middle East region such as: Rashid Shaz, Ayman Shihadeh, Stephane Lacroix, Neil Partrick, Namie Tsujigami, David Commins, Bernard Haykal, Alexei Vasiliev, Ulrike Freitag, Thomas Hegghammer, Gregory Gause.


Visiting Fellows are usually required to stay in the Kingdom at least for two weeks, participate in discussions with the Center’s research fellows, and present the research outcomes at the Center’s internal study meeting. Funding is not available to Visiting Fellows unless their research is part of the Center’s collaborative research projects. Those who stay longer than two months are asked to make a contribution to the Center by making a short publication or in other ways, which will be paid.