The Library at King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies provides cultural resources to facilitate the work of the Center’s researchers, as well as the work of visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom. Housing over 180,000 Arabic and foreign language titles, the Library at KFCRIS is one of the Kingdom’s leading libraries and possesses the most comprehensive humanities collection in Saudi Arabia. The Library is also equipped with new technologies and has done much to advance the preservation of its information through digitization.


Academic dissertations

The thesis database consists of nearly 142,000 of academic dissertations collected from and around the Arab world that were either sent directly to The Library at KFCRIS or through bibliographical references and thesis registries of various partner universities and institutions. Over 15,000 of these theses in their entirety are housed at the Library. Dissertations and theses that do no figure in the database may be traced to the universities or researcher centers of their origin and prepared for the researcher.


Arabic periodicals

The Center collects periodicals in relation to its various areas of interest. The library’s current collection includes over 5,000 Arabic periodicals, and even more in other foreign languages.



The Center has developed specialized databases to assist the work of researchers in various fields. The database is constantly updated from books, articles, research projects, and academic dissertations. Each database can be explored using specific codes available upon request.



Restoration Section

Given the level of engagement of the Center in collecting and preserving rare and valuable documents, the Library at KFCRIS was charged with overseeing the restoration of old and rare manuscripts, as well as the repairing of damaged materials. Restoration activities are coordinated by the Restoration Section of the Library, which has received a patent for the “Al-Faisal Sterilizing Device” which freeze-dries under 40°C, for manuscripts and documents, and has been produced and distributed to many libraries and centers in the Kingdom and abroad.


The Restoration Section activities include but are not limited to sterilization, pagination, dry cleaning, testing for lignin levels, de-acidification, repair, mending and flattening.


The Restoration Section also offers certified training on manuscript handling, preservation, and treatment. In the past the Restoration Section has provided training for the King Fahad National Library, the Archives of the Royal Court and Council of Ministers, the Juma Al-Majid Center for Culture and Heritage in Dubai, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Kuwait, the Al-Furqan Foundation in Pakistan, the Al-Beruni Institute for Oriental Studies in Uzbekistan.

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