Previous Researchers

# Researcher Name Nationality Date Research Topic
1 Mahdi Briah French Nov -0001 Military action in the Mamluk Era, the Ideology of Jihad in that Period
2 Namie Tsuijigami Japanese Nov -0001 Saudi Women as a New Active Social Actor
3 Tupiaz Zumbrakil Germany Nov -0001 Climate Policy and environmental protection in the Arabian Peninsula
4 Janice Gyong Korea Nov -0001 A supplementary study on dispersion and convergance in all external networks in the Hijaz in particular
5 Takuya Murakami Japanese Nov -0001 Analysis of the formation of coalitions in the Arabian Gulf region
6 Masuda Bano UK Nov -0001 Cross-border study: modern islamic authority and social change
7 Shikito Kondo Japanese Nov -0001 Economic reform and diplomacy in Saudi Arabia
8 Hesham Al-Ghannam Saudi Arabia Nov -0001 Economic reform and diplomacy in Saudi Arabia
9 Faisal Abdullah US Nov -0001 The early development of Hanafi Usul al-Fiqh
10 Michel Nastase Italy Nov -0001 Production of documentary film: architectural projects and cities in the Arabian Gulf region

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